CREATE gets publicity in Africa

The CREATE project was recently presented by Clémence Cavoli of University College London at three high impact events on the African continent.


Urban experts rethink traffic congestion

The Urban Development Network, which brings together representatives of over 500 cities/urban areas from all over the EU, held a meeting on 23 November on Brussels dedicated to smart, innovative, and sustainable urban mobility, including the challenges of tackling congestion and ensuring urban traffic order and safety. The network’s strategic objective is to devise and implement integrated actions based on the members’ sustainable urban development strategies for 2014-2020.


Public transport and alternative modes at the core of the first CREATE mentoring visit in Bucharest.

The Copenhagen-Bucharest pair was the first one to kick-off its first mentoring visit on 2nd and 3rd November 2016. Two experts from the city of Copenhagen travelled to Bucharest for two days to meet relevant experts in charge of transport, roads and traffic planning, SUMP implementation, infrastructures and public services. Two topics were in particular at the core of the discussion: the improvement of public transport and bikes as alternative way of transport.