CREATE gets publicity in Africa

The CREATE project was recently presented by Clémence Cavoli of University College London at three high impact events on the African continent.

Matola, Mozambique:
On 29 November, Clémence Cavoli delivered and adapted her presentation about CREATE to the local context, highlighting key messages and results from the project. She spoke during an event organised in Matola, the largest suburb of the capital of Mozambique, with 700,000 inhabitants. Some 30 politicians and policy makers from Matola attended the event, including the transport councillor. The presentation generated contrasting reactions, and was followed by a lively debate pitching officials advocating for new road infrastructure as a sign of progress against others, who highlighted the risks of prioritising private motorised transport over formal and semi-formal collective transport. The modal share of car trips in Matola is currently around 10%.

Clémence Cavoli holds her presentation in Matola

Matola event, participants
Maputo, Mozambique:
On 30 November, the results of the CREATE project were summarised again in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, at the prestigious hotel Polana. At the event, Professor Antonio Matos, Director of Transport Maputo, discussed the local situation in more detail. Around 40 participants attended the event, including the transport councillor, policy makers, and representatives of international funding associations. The presentations were followed by a discussion. Unlike in Matola, the reactions from the audience in Maputo were overwhelmingly positive. Several contributors emphasised the importance of choosing the right development path. The current modal share of car trips in Maputo is around 14%.

RUTH,a local organisation, welcomes the participants at Maputo’s Hotel Polana
Cape Town, South Africa:
On 7 December, a high-impact event was organised in Cape Town by the local authority. Around 20 policy makers listened to a presentation of the CREATE project’s results, and participated in a one-hour debate focusing on how the project could be implemented in Cape Town. Overall, the city’s officials have a progressive approach, and the CREATE project’s main goals are aligned with their policy plans. The presentation sparked a lively debate, primarily about ‘short-circuiting’ and ‘leapfrogging’ (through the city’s paratransit system, for instance).

The locals in all three cities expressed their interest in further engaging with the CREATE project. Follow-up events may be organised in Maputo or Cape Town.