CREATE newsletter - January 2018

CREATE’s most fascinating phase is getting going: findings are being synthesised, analysed and shaped to come to the aid of cities and others in the future. All work packages are concluding their work, last mentoring visits are taking place, and the final guidelines are on their way. The final conferences in May will mark the end of 3 great years of work and transfer of knowledge. We are counting on you race ahead during this final sprint and we look forward to great outputs to be shared far beyond May 2018! 


CREATE events in Skopje

The week of 29 January 2018 offers insightful CREATE events in Skopje.


This includes a Workshop on 29 January focusing on ‘Challenges and opportunities to accelerate the urban mobility development processes’. The objective of this workshop is to discuss the challenges and opportunities for S1 cities to accelerate urban transport development processes in their city based on the CREATE concepts. The following questions will be addressed: How do S1 cities perceive the different stages? What does ‘leapfrogging’ or ‘accelerating’ really mean? What skills are required to accelerate these processes? What are the main barriers and how to overcome them? What practical insights can we learn from S3 cities? What policies to prioritise and how to initiate this paradigm shift? The workshop will be divided into several sections including presentations and discussion sessions. The findings of the workshop will inform WP5, WP7 and the CREATE ‘insights’ which S1 cities will be able to disseminate within their city. This workshop is specifically designed for CREATE S1 cities. Inputs from S3 cities’ representatives and CREATE experts will be included.


30 January will start with a CREATE conference organised by Skopje, involving Skopje’s mayor and officials from the Ministry for Transport and Communication, followed by a guided tour showcasing Skopje’s innovative policies. The afternoon will feature a roundtable discussion where each city representative will discuss what policies to prioritise and how to initiate this paradigm shift in the context of his/her city in order to move toward Stage 3. The day will conclude with a session on financing and funding options for Stage 1 cities.


The rest of the week will be dedicated to the last steering committee meeting of the project, taking stock of what has been achieved and planning for remaining activities until the end of May 2018. 


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